Day Care Center

The Day-Care Center, located on the same premises like the Migros-KIDS School, is an establishment for children from two years on.


General information

In Tirupur, there are many children, whose parents work in the textile industry and have no time to look after their children staying at home. They have no guide and nobody from whom they can adopt habits and rules being essential for children to learn in their first years. This deficit often becomes noticeable later in school when these children have no good achievements and often feel inferior to their classmates. Therefore their need for emotional attention, security and care is more than understandable. When asking these children about their dreams and prospects one easily realizes that they still have the dream to develop as individuals by learning and getting educated.

The decision of admitting a child or not depends on its own needs plus the familiar situation and is made by the project team in consultation with the teachers. The opportunity is given to families whose children already attend the Migros Kids School as well as to all other working parents in the area.


Objectives of the project

By establishing the Day-Care Center KIDS wants to give children in need an opportunity to receive care, guidance and education appropriate to their age. The care and accommodation satisfies their social needs (food, medical care and education) as well as their psychological and security needs. The children pursue their interests and talents effortlessly and learn to take responsibility and duties as a member of the society they will live in.


Daily routine in the Day-Care Center

The day in the Day-Care Center begins at 8:30 in the morning. The children play quite a lot, sing songs together and exercise poems throughout the whole morning before they have lunch at the playground located just outside the building. Every child brings its own lunch from home. But the teachers had determined before which food has to be brought on which day. That makes every child feel equal, regardless to the family income, social status or origin. Teachers are giving a great importance to healthy food and a balanced nutrition. After lunch, all children lay down for a two-hour nap. They wash themselves thoroughly and slip into fresh clothes afterwards. Before leaving in the afternoon, the children get a little snack with milk and play another game in the group. They learn to live following a balanced daily routine and take this habit home where the whole family soon adapts it as a lot of cases have shown in the past.



History and funding

The construction work began in Tirupur in spring 2003. At the beginning of 2006, the first 13 children joined the Day-Care-Center. A gradually rise up to 80 children was planned, and the procedures should be regulated. At the moment there are 40 children going to the Day-Care Center.

The construction of the Day-Care-Center was realised by K.I.D.S through co-financing with public funds from the German Government and Migros. The total cost for building, furnishings and equipment comes up to 45.000 €. The running costs are covered by K.I.D.S., donors from Europe and Migros. These costs sum up to nearly 10.000 € per year at full capacity, i.e. 125 € for each child per year or 0,35 € per day.