About us

KIDS e.V. Cologne is a non-commercial organisation with experiences in development cooperation as private non-profit provider since 1994. The affiliated organisation KIDS-Society was founded sometime later in India. The KIDS Society is located in Tirupur, a city between Coimbatore and Erode in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, which is well known for its booming textile and apparel industry.

Since 1985, Tirupur emerged to become a leading center of the global textile and apparel knit industry. Unskilled workers move to Tirupur with their families expecting to find work. Hence, around 20.000 to 25.000 child workers were employed there. Due to the high economic pressure on the whole family, the children are urged to contribute to the family income and work under exploiting conditions.

Nearly 70-80 million children do not go to school yet, as they were held responsible for their families’ livelihood.

Basic and further education are the main fields in the work of KIDS e.V. For this reason, the organisation supports and maintains the Migros-Kids-School, a privately financed and managed school for kids from poor families. Basic education and support from the kindergarden to high school graduation is given to the children. The school tries to make a contribution to the fight against child labour in India by creating a visionary alternative.