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Migros KIDS students present themselves #5

With the students of the Migros KIDS School in India/Tirupur we created a new project. To introduce them to you, all students have the possibility to write about themselves and their future perspectives. They are happy to take part in this project and they are excited about the feedback.

We are looking forward to the following reports and thank the students for their participation!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!



My name is G. Talasi Priya. I am studying in IV-c.
My favorite festival:
In Tamil Nadu we celebrate "Pongal" Festival on January 14th every year. I celebrate four days in my home. In Pongal Festival mother will make many sweets. I will wear new dress. On this day I eat my favorite food "Pongal".
On this day holiday for me. So I enjoy with my relatives. So "Pongal" is my "Favorite Festival".


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News of the Migros KIDS School

The renovation work is almost done: the painters oft the Migros KIDS School have finished the work in the classrooms which is why the children can study there untroubled. But in the premises of the school is the work never done, because the weather conditions like heat and heavy rain don’t go unnoticed.

To maintain the beautiful light colours on the outside surfaces, the painters have to work regularly on them.
By now, the garden of the school is beautifully arranged and is an oasis for the kids in the hot months of summer, when the kids are grateful for the shade offered by the trees. Despite the difficult weather conditions to nourish the trees, the gardeners take a lot of trouble in maintaining the vivid green colour of the trees.

Representatives of the KIDS association visit the school in Tirupur regularly to get a picture of the school. They decide together with the teachers where money is needed to renovate the buildings or to improve the quality of education. On this picture Mr. Beuth congratulates the best students of their grade on their new certificates.



Excellent final grades for the students of the Migros KIDS School 2014

The pupils of the Migros KIDS School in Tirupur completed this school year with excellent marks. To reward and motivate them, they are exempted from all other school fees until they finish their school career.

Therefore they can prepare without financial pressure for their final exams. Migros KIDS School is always updating their methods and pedagogical techniques and by now self-created charts, role-playing games and active games have become a part of everyday teaching. The creativity of the students is increasingly supported and the teachers left the common method of letting the students repeat everything in choir. Instead they encourage to ask and to question what they are told to facilitate thinking outside the box. All teachers attend – and have to attend -  regularly further education to improve their educational skills.

The picture shows the best students of their grade:
G.M. Parthasarathy, G. Pavithra, A. Kiruthika


Expansion of the solar collector

The first part of the solar collector was completed in March 2009. In the spring of 2010 they achieved to build the second part which was still expanded and by August 2013 the solar system provided about 30% of the power supply of school.
But there are still plans to extend the and in the near future, the illumination oft he outside grounds and the school yard will be supplied by the solar plant. The long-term-objective is to become completely independent of the outside power by enlarging the solar plant.

The new contruction of the kindergarden is now full of life and especially after the enrollment of the new children everyone accustomed quickly to the new building.


14th Annualday Celebrations

This year once again a magnificent celebration with many performances on the occasion of the 14th Annualday took place in Tirupur. At the same time this particular day was also the opening day for the kindergarten of the Migros KIDS School.

For this purpose, new spaces for the lower and upper kindergarten were built in front of the main school buildiung. Until the conversion they had to share their space with the school kids in the main builiding.

With the beginning of the next school year another expansion is planned: The students now have the opportunity to complete the 11 and 12 class at the Migros KIDS School. At school they can henceforth select a specialization such as engineering, medicine, trade and finance in order to prapare themselves for higher education at university.


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