in: General-Anzeiger Bonn. msa. Thursday, 28th April 2009

“Everything is different here: The weather, the smell and the people. It’s like another world.” summarizes the 17 year old Nicola her travel experiences. In March she travelled for two weeks to Tirupur in South India with four classmates of the 12th grade of the Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium in Bonn and two teachers. There, they visited the Migros-KIDS Matriculation School.

“Objective of the journey was to make a first personal contact between the teachers and students of both schools.” says Beate Schlömer-Chavet, one of the accompanying teachers. Both sides rapidly became clear that this will be just the beginning of a long lasting and close collaboration. FEG students of the 11th grade should get the opportunity to do internships for two or three weeks in the Indian school. Schlömer-Chavet: “We would like to support the school in advanced trainings for the teaching staff, too”. For this reason an exchange of teachers will be considered. The stay also was a personal enrichment for every member of the tour group. “In India we had to face poverty as we have never seen it before” says Talisa, FEG student, “through movies and books it isn’t comprehensible”. The students’ attitude in India impressed Nicole, FEG student, as well: “They attend this school with enthusiasm and are anxious to learn.” The students of Bonn agree that they have learned to appreciate the value of the things they have here in Germany.

Students of the Friedrich- Ebert Gymnasiums, Bonn (FEG).


The school bus horns loud this morning: „Hurry up, we will be late at school otherwise!“ „At school?“ But it was too early for protest. We enter the bus with drowsy heads.

We see children standing at the street with school uniforms. The bus driver stops for the children to board with a smile. Suddenly the ride turned out to be very funny. The children told us their stories about holy cows, big chaotic cities and coloured rikshas.

Finally the bus stopped in front of a building. „This is the KIDS school! “, a boy told us. He proudly showed us around the school own sports ground with cricket field as well as a vegetable garden of which the school children take care of by themselves. All children were wearing blue school uniforms which avoid rivalry in fashion and create an equal atmosphere in  first place.

When we entered the classroom, the children received us with a warm and loud „GOOD MORNING!"